1 Month Subscription

1 month: €20 (Price including VAT tax.)

Pay monthly to gain access to:
Technical Exercises
Sheet music
Concept Lessons

The only thing you don’t get with the one month deal
compared to the other memberships is access to
online meetings once a month.

The 1 Month Subscription is a way to try Mia’s Groovy Fiddle Academy, and see if it’s something you want to continue using. You get access to the whole online material; all the video files, sheet music and text documents. If you feel like continuing to use the platform, it’s cheaper and better to upgrade to one of the longer subscription plans. If you do, you also get access to the monthly Zoom meetings, where you get to participate in masterclasses, have possibility to get your questions answered live and to network with Mia and the whole Academy.

The 1 Month Subscription is not automatically renewed after the month has passed. You will get a reminder on email to renew your subscription, and if you don’t, your access to will be withdrawn.

Here are some different ways to use the 1 Month Subscription:
1. “I would like to try out Mia’s Groovy Fiddle Academy for a month to see if it’s fun.”
2. “I would love to listen to some tunes, and support a musician who makes music education available online.”
3. “I would like to download all of the sheet music that is currently available at to play the tunes, but not copy and distribute the sheet music.”
4. “I would love to just study this material really intensely for a month and then continue by myself for a while and see if I want to join again later.”

If either of these options feel right, then maybe the 1 Month Subscription is best for you, even though I hope that you will have so much fun that you decide to go for one of the longer subscription plans. :-)