Welcome to Mia’s Groovy Fiddle Academy!



Hi! My name is Mia Marine. Welcome to my Groovy Fiddle Academy!

This is a growing platform for learning and networking, with a bunch of my favourite technical exercises and tunes. There are also lessons on how to make your own second voices/arrangements, on how to become better at playing fast, playing with blue notes, improvising, phrasing and more. There are films for playing along with arrangements, sheet music to download for all the tunes and lots of different ways for meeting likeminded people and discussing learning experiences with each other.

The genre I play the most is what sometimes is referred to as “Scandifiddle”, but many subscribers over the years have said that the techniques and lessons that you find here are just as applicable in other genres and styles (as well as on other instruments than the fiddle).

You can buy a subscription for 1, 6 or 12 months at the online academy, and if you do, you’ll get access to over 600 films with lessons, tunes, arrangements and other fun stuff. If you are curious to see what you will find if you log in, look at the sneak peaks here, or try some of the free video lessons hereRead some reviews if you want to see what some subscribers have said. If you want to read more about my ideas for this learning platform, just scroll down from here.

Fun tunes

Find inspiration to develop not only your playing but also your understanding for violin technique in general and the specific techniques involved in playing Swedish/Nordic traditional music in particular. Sharpen your tools for arranging, improvising and more.

Learn 2

When you log in with a subscription the first time, take your time to look through the pages and see what you can find. The idea is that you can jump in just about anywhere and go for it. I have written some tips on exercises which could be a good help for playing a specific tune, or links to where you could go to find more information about something, or see the dance associated with the tune. There are also work sheets for making your own practice method, and tips on how to structure your process.

Zoom meetings 2

There are a bunch of ways to communicate with me and fellow academy students. Visit the forum, called “Fiddlers’ Society”, which is meant to be a platform to discuss the material, or other aspects of learning or playing music.

Once a month, there is an online meeting on Zoom. There, you’ll have a chance to ask questions live, or raise topics for discussion. I’ll be there to host the meetings, and if you feel like there is a question you’d like me to prepare for, you can email me a few days in advance. You’re also free to just join and hear what others have to say. Sometimes we will have a specific theme for a meeting, and I may teach something or explain something that I’ve seen that several participants have been asking about.

Zoom meetings

In the shop, you can find some tune books and CD’s, and under “News” you can see what is newly posted on the website (as a tip to people who have been on the platform for a long while, and want to know what’s new). I will also post some info about upcoming concerts or workshops there.

…and please…
It’s not allowed to download film material or recordings, or to share them with anyone who isn’t part of this Academy. This is a one person business, to support me through a time when culture workers everywhere are struggling to make ends meet. If one of your friends is interested in the website, I hope you encourage them to get a subscription instead.

Feel free to use the tunes, methods and arrangements though! If you’re a teacher using my exercises, please also refer to me by name. I have made them myself, and haven’t published them yet. Downloading sheet music and text documents is fine.  :-)

I’m a musician, touring all over the world, who plays mostly traditional and contemporary folk music from Sweden. One of my biggest passions is to teach, and to meet musicians and music lovers from different genres and cultures. This online academy is my way of trying to make the world smaller, to meet you! I’m an educated teacher, and I teach at the Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg, Sweden.

I hope you’ll enjoy yourself at the Groovy Fiddle Academy!
I’m so glad to have you here!

Sneak a peak

Curious to see if Fiddle Academy is something you could be interested in? 
Here are some different videos to show you what you will find if you buy a subscription.

A guided tour through the website (recorded in October 2020, so there is a lot more material by now).{youtube}1JC4eZ_yHeQ{/youtube}

“Sneak a peak video” in April 2021

“Sneak a peak video” in March 2021

“Sneak a peak video” in December 2020

“Sneak a peak video” in October 2020

“Sneak a peak video” in September 2020

“Sneak a peak video” in July 2020, right after the big launch of Fiddle Academy!


These films are available without a subscription

At Fiddle Academy, there are over 80 tunes to learn, and the list continues to grow. Here are some films which are free for everyone to see. If you really enjoy them, you can, if you want, buy a 1 month subscription for €20 to learn some more, or just to support the academy. You are also welcome to join us for one of the longer subscriptions of course, or simply enjoy the films without any obligations!

Here are the different subscription plans.

IMPORTANT: You are allowed to use these films and the PDFs of the sheet music, but they may under no circumstances be printed (except for personal use), distributed or recorded without permission from Mia Marine.

1. Sniderier web

Tunes to learn
Click on the links or scroll further down.

Skrap Ollas Polska efter Glysen

Polska efter Magnus Olsson – Learn the tune

Polska efter Magnus Olsson – Play Along version

Tiden by Mia Marine

Menuett efter Mattis Kollberg

Farängladagen by Mia Marine

Concept lessons
You can find a whole bunch of them, on different topics, at Fiddle Academy. Here is one you can try for free. It is a lesson about improvising accompaniment, for people who are beginners at improvisation.

Concept lesson #2: Harmonic improvisation/Improvised accompaniment

These are the concept lessons and exercises at Fiddle Academy

If you buy a subscription, except for all the tunes, these are the concept lessons and technical exercises that are up right now (August 2023).
The content grows almost every week though, so new things are happening all the time.

Skrap Ollas polska efter Glysen

Key: D

PDF with sheet music.

A Polska I’ve played since I was a child, so I don’t remember who gave it to me in the first place anymore. (Could it have been Anders Norudde?) It is one of my all time favourites! I never get tired of it. Glysen was a vagabond who was moving around a great deal, so to determine “where this tune is from” (which is never as true as we sometimes pretend anyway) is difficult. His tunes have been transcribed in Värmland, Närke and Västmanland. Maybe more places. I don’t know. It seems as if he composed many tunes himself, but I don’t know if he made this one. It is a variant of a well known musical theme, sister to a Swedish christmas tune called “Klang min vackra bjällra” amongst others.

This tune can be played both as a Slängpolska or as a 16th Note Polska with heavy one and three. I usually play it as a Slängpolska. 

The tutorial is “cut out” from a workshop at an online festival, so I may sometimes refer to things having to do with that. :-)

If you have a subscription at Fiddle Academy, you get suggestions for videos with technical exercises which are good for each tune. For this tune, it could be these ones for instance:
Double string playing 1

Some of the comments in the films may be meant for people with subscriptions, who have access to all films at Fiddle Academy.


Tutorial (Long version from an online festival workshop.)

Slow + fast.

Second voice.

Polska efter Magnus Olsson – Learn the tune

Key: D 
Tuning: GDAE (CGDAE)

PDF with sheet music of the arrangement.

One of my favorite Polskas from my home town, Arvika, in the west part of Värmland. Magnus Olsson was a farmer, but he and his brothers were said to play fiddle so much they didn’t take care of the farm properly. 

I’ve tried to avoid improvising this time, playing the arrangement I’ve written, so that you can play along. 

Find the Play Along Version here.

These are some of the technical exercises available at Fiddle Academy, which can help you with this tune:
Intonation & Double string playing

Some of the comments in the films may be meant for people with subscriptions, who have access to all films at Fiddle Academy.




Slow melody

Second voice tutorial. (Unfortunately, my microphone was malfunctioning, so this is the sound from the camera.)

Polska efter Magnus Olsson – Play along

Key: D 
Tuning: GDAE (CGDAE)

PDF with sheet music of the arrangement.

One of my favorite Polskas from my home town, Arvika, in the west part of Värmland. 

Learn the melody and the second voice here.

I’ve tried to avoid improvising this time, playing the arrangement I’ve written, so that you can play along. 

Intro one A part with only voice 3 and 4.

AA Mel + voice 3 and 4

AA Mel + voice 2 and 4

AA Mel + voice 2 and 4
B1 Mel + voice 2 and rhythmisized drone on D
B2 Mel + voice 2, 3 and 4 Crescendo!

A Tutti

These are some of the technical exercises avaliable at Fiddle Academy, which can help you with this tune:
– Emphases
– Ornaments
– Intonation & Double string playing


Without melody.

Without middle voices.

Without bass voice.

Tiden, by Mia Marine

Key: Gm
Tuning: GDAE (CGDAE)

PDF with Sheet music.

A Waltz that I made when I had been experiencing one of those periods in life when time seems to be passing both too fast and too slowly at the same time.

These technical exercises, available for subscribers at Fiddle Academy, could help you with this tune:


Slow + medium tempo melody.

Menuett efter Mattis Kollberg

Key: D (But G is the “orginal” key.)
Tuning: ADAE (DADAE) if played in D.

PDF with sheet music in treble clef. (Not the exact same second voice though, because the one on the film is improvised).
PDF with sheet music in alto clef.

Mattis Kollberg was born in 1782 in Barkåkra, but lived most of his life in Skepparkroken, Skåne. 

The Minuet is mostly played in G, so I’ve added sheet music for both keys. I just love playing it in D with a lot of double strings, so that’s how I recorded it. 
Go here to learn the tune.



Slow melody.


Farängladagen, by Mia Marine

Key: Gm
Tuning: GDAE (CGDAE)

PDF Sheet music violin
PDF Sheet music viola

A Waltz that I made when I had been experiencing one of those periods in life when time seems to be passing both too fast and too slowly at the same time.

For subscribers at Fiddle Academy, there are suggestions to which technical exercises on the website go with each tune. For this tune, it could be these ones:

This film contains melody in normal speed and tutorial.

Free videos

Free videos

Concept lesson # 2: Melodic harmony improvisation/Improvised accompaniment

Here is a lesson for you who find it a bit tricky to improvise second voices or melodic variations, because you don’t know how to make it sound like the right chords/harmonies. If you for instance feel like you always need to write a specific second voice rather than improvise, or if you feel like you want more knowledge on how to create simple accompaniments on your fiddle by learning more about the most common chords; 
This is where we take it from the beginning. :-)

PDF with the chord notes, if you want to print it and have it in front of you.
PDF D major: Chord notes in the D major, G major and A major chords.

This is based on a kind of accompaniment or second voice playing often used for traditional music in Sweden today, but it is not old or traditional or “correct”. It sounds nice, and is fun. And people do it. A lot. (Well… it has developed from chord “seconding” over the past hundred years or so, so it is at least fairly traditional by now.)

If you do these lessons, you will be practicing your chord accompaniment skills, improvising skills and actually – you can also use the films for composing your own “Summer Waltz”. Just use the chord lines and record yourself, or write your ideas down, and voilà! After doing part 3 you’ll have a brand new tune!

There is a PDF file with grip charts and note names for the chords in D major which are used in this lesson, in case you want to print it and use it to practice chords some more. Make up your own chord lines and practice by improvising the same way as we do in this lesson. 

If you want more than three chords, add the parallels as well. (See the concept lesson at Fiddle Academy on chords and their parallels for more info about this.) For instance, you can have the chords for G major and e natural minor in front of you, if playing in G. To get access to a bunch of PDFs with the chords in different keys, log in to Fiddle Academy. You can also make your own charts of course. 

Some of the comments in the films may be meant for people with subscriptions, who have access to all films at Fiddle Academy.

Part 1. Learning the method on one chord at a time.

Part 2. Improvising with chord shifts. 

Part 3. Improvising an A and a B part, with some tips.

Part 4. Improvising melody, bass voice and treble voice.
Available at Fiddle Academy, only for subscribers.

Part 5. Natural minor and harmonic minor. Only for subscribers.

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by subscribers at Mia’s Groovy Fiddle Academy

Mia’s site is simply one of the best sources of online fiddle instruction I have ever seen. I signed up for a month initially to try it out and then converted to a longer term subscription because there was way too much material to absorb in a short time.

On the surface it appears to be for fiddlers interested in Scandinavian music, and certainly that’s the focus, but I found that the resources she calls “Concepts” and “Technique” were useful across styles. I’m mostly an American old-time and Irish fiddler, and Mia’s tips were as helpful for those styles as they were for the tunes she concentrates on.

The many Scandinavian pieces featured on the site include both traditional tunes and her own compositions, and run the gamut from easily approachable to quite challenging. Her own pieces have been uniformly great and I haven’t scratched the surface of them yet.

Worthy of specific mention, I think, is her teaching on bowing techniques, which as almost anyone reading this knows, are vital to achieving an authentic sound in a given style. I am particularly struck by how sophisticated her command of English is, because a lot of what works when teaching bowing, at least for me, is best communicated in metaphors. Let’s just say there is the opposite of a communications barrier; her presentations are genuinely enthusiastic and literate.

In short, I expect that practically any fiddler or violinist, except maybe a complete beginner, will find a wealth of engaging and productive resources on Mia’s site, and, if you’re like me, your only disappointment will be that you didn’t discover it sooner. 
– Jeff Hollingsworth, Bainbridge Island, Washington.


Sniderier liten utklippt b
Mia’s Groovy Fiddle Academy is a fun and beautifully focused study tool.

It took me a while to dig in, but now that I have, I am finding so much vital stuff to instruct me and to enjoy! Thank you so much for the extremely clear and pleasant teaching. Having all these materials in one place with information about how they connect or contrast, and the word of a real Scandinavian expert, is well worth the cost of a membership. I enjoy being able to work at my own pace and following my own interests each day, and revisit the same lesson if necessary, without feeling “on the spot” in front of a teacher or other students. No Zoom workshop can deliver that!

You’ve almost made me glad for Coronavirus lockdown! (…and that’s very high praise indeed.)

Groovy Fiddle Academy is like “Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Scandinavian Fiddling…But were Afraid To Ask” (with a nod to Woody Allen). I wish I had had your fiddle academy available in Fall 2017 when I first decided to play Scandinavian fiddle…it would have been the most tremendous help.
– Lise Nau, Violinist/Fiddler, USA

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When I found out that Mia Marine was starting an online fiddle academy, I was ecstatic with joy. For a long time, I’ve wanted to get access to her pedagogical ideas and playing techniques, which she has formed during her many years of teaching players of all levels and ages. I already knew her to be a wonderful person and a fantastic folk musician and violin player, but I’ve been longing to get the opportunity to really dig into her exercises and material. 

The website really is as great as I was hoping it would be. Mia describes many of the aspects I have thought about myself, being a teacher, but she does it with such clarity and precision. I find it really developing to listen to her thoughts about nordic folk music and fiddle techniques. I’ve used her technical exercises from the website both for my students and myself, and gotten very positive and fast results. 

In addition to all the available tunes, Mia also generously shares her thoughts and ideas about arranging music. You can learn how to make second voices, work on your phrasing and melodic variations or practice improvisation. Another thing I really appreciate about this website is that there are exercises which can be played ”together” with the films, where I can be a part of Mia’s great groove when I’m practicing. 

And best of all: I’m having so much fun on her website. Mia is a true source of inspiration!
– Nina Perez, musician and fiddle teacher, Sweden

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Mia’s Groovy Fiddle Academy is the best thing that happened to Swedish folkmusic since polska came to Sweden.
It’s like having Mia in my own livingroom. She’ll teach me new music, how to hold my bow and how to stay ergonomic. Whenever I want to. She is a super pedagogue in a class of her own! 
– Kristine, Sweden

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This is the best platform for learning that I have ever seen!
I joined to learn some tunes, but I’m staying for the material helping me to structure my practice process. SUPER! PDFs with all kinds of helpful tips and suggestions for me to add when I feel ready. It feels as if I can stay here for years, and the material will grow as I do. I also love the fact that I can wish for specific tunes or exercises in the fiddler’s forum.
– Sarah, France

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When I discovered Mia’s Groovy Fiddle Academy thanks to a friend who recommended it to me, I was very happy. I had already heard several people say that Mia is a great teacher, and now I can see it with my own eyes!

What I think makes Mia’s Groovy Fiddle Academy absolutely unique is the wide range of aspects that she develops in her videos and documents. It covers everything that I would want to learn about playing music: technical exercises for the fiddle, how to make my music interesting, how to start/sustain/adapt my learning process, how to play for dancing, even how to create second voices and how to improvise.

Another thing that I find important is the opportunity to share and discuss things about Scandinavian music or fiddle playing. The forum and, most of all, the monthly Zoom meetings, where we have the opportunity to share a video of ourselves playing and get valuable feedback from all the participants, are a huge source of joy for me. I was longing for a space where I could find very precise nerdy information and people who enjoy it, so I am very pleased:-)

I think that learning how to play the fiddle is not just about learning new tunes, and I have been disappointed sometimes in workshops where the teacher only taught us a melody. This is definitely not going to happen if you join Mia’s Groovy Fiddle Academy. Prepare to be amazed and challenged in your playing!
– Rébecca, independent French teacher and fiddle enthusiast, 29, Switzerland

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I’ve had the chance to participate in workshops and lessons with Mia for many years. Among all the teachers I’ve had, she is my absolute favourite! I’ve never met a teacher as organised, passionate and enthusiastic as Mia. 

Since I’m living in Belgium and there are some borders to cross it’s not easy having lessons or workshops with Mia. Especially in these corona-times when travelling isn’t self-evident and many cultural events are cancelled. This “Groovy Fiddle Academy” came as a gift of God to me!

As a regular student on this online academy I can guarantee that ALL of your questions about you and your violin in Swedish folkmusic will be answered, either by the clear and detailed videos or on the Zoom-meetings once a month or on the “Fiddlers Society” button.

It doesn’t matter if Mia teaches 30 students at the same time or just in front of a camera and her dog, you won’t see any difference! 

I hope to see you soon at this corona-proof Academy!
– Femke, Belgium

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You´ll get hooked on this platform!

I did. 

The best thing is that the academy is ”alive” in many ways!

I really like the process of designing and revising my own course. The platform allows me to do this by providing a huge variety of different kinds of lessons to choose from. From “just playing a tune today“ to working thoroughly on a technical or musical issue for a long time- everything and any combination is possible!

Mia is such a fantastic musician and I´m so glad and thankful that she is sharing her wide knowledge of Swedish folk music with us! The videos become alive through her charming, inventive and humorous way of teaching.

I just have to smile- such a nice way of learning in this wonderful atmosphere!

I especially love the idea of adding a lot of visual support to the clips. The pictures, images, written tones and scales or portrayals of movements and sounds make it much easier for me to follow and understand.

On this “living“ platform we subscribers can influence the direction of its development with our wishes and needs. It is growing for us and with us!  And hopefully this will go on forever…

It is great to say that I was a part of this from the very beginning!
– Maja, Germany
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This website is super complete. There’s much more material than I expected, especially because Mia is adding to it every week.

Working with themes for the Zoom meetings is a good idea. It gives us an indication of what to concentrate on next. My system is: I look at everything I’m curious of plus the themes for the next meeting, depending on how much time I have.

If I compare the site with workshops I attended, it turns out that I feel more at ease with the site. We can learn things in our own tempo and add on ornaments, bowings, double strings etc. in a later stage. Really nice. When I’ve attended workshops I’ve left the ornaments out, now I tend to go for it.

I must say I didn’t expect this. If my holiday plans had all taken place (jam sessions, travelling) I might not have become a member, because I was quite fed up with living life on-line all day, given that we are teleworking and connected the whole day. But the fiddle academy is more fun than expected.

It’s the first time that I clearly start to see differences between Swedish dances, whereas before I left that aspect aside. Before I had a vague notion, whereas now I would recognize a Halling.
– Elisabeth Derksen, viola player, Belgium

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Celtic musical lover crossing over.

I have been in Mia’s groovy academy for a year now and have learned so much. She is an amazing teacher who uses her exuberance and love for the Swedish music that hooks you in. I have been interested in the Swedish music for about fiver years now but never really could get with the various swedish tunes due to the complexity of the various polskas. She totally explains it and i have a much better understanding now. This class is very thorough and when she shares a video, it is informative, engaging and really makes you think. She is an amazing fiddler who is humble and it feels like she is playing or talking directly to you. 

What is most amazing is that for each tune, Mia will do a version ‘the way I usually play it’, then a slower version then a tutorial about the tune. She also explains how the music intertwines with the dance that goes with it.  She posts concept lessons and technical exercises that are each approximately fifteen minutes and explain a topic that is engaging or explains a part of the tradition. I am a wooden flute and guitar player and most of the lessons and exercises are explained in relation to the fiddle but I find them useful and adaptable to the flute. I have learned so much from these lesson.

Once a month Mia also runs a Zoom meeting. In this meeting, we discuss a topic that the group suggested the previous month and Mia treats everyone with respect and a genuine interest in their views. We then listen to submitted recordings of people in the class and we give them feedback. First, what we loved about the video and then any constructive ideas we might have. 

Lastly, what I love the most about being a part of this groovy academy is Mia’s openness and views toward the traditions of Swedish music. She basically takes the stance that you must respect the tradition but also feels it is important to make it your own and feel freedom within the tradition rather than constricted by the tradition through the view of there is only one way to play a tune. If you are interested in the tradition and have any level of expertise, I would highly recommend that you join groovy Mia and her dedicated students. It is a great experience.
– Glenn, flutist, New Zealand

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