FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Answers to common questions about your subscription options or how to use the material on the website.

– What does it mean when it says that Fiddle Academy is “New” or “Moved”?
– In the summer 2023, Fiddle Academy was totally rebuilt in WordPress instead of Joomla (code systems). The reason was that Joomla has started to become outdated and people have stopped making new websites in that system. The new version of Fiddle Academy is better on smart phones and tablets, hopefully, and has the same functionality as the old platform.

– Can I buy a subscription for a friend?– Yes, of course! There are even gift cards, with or without glitter! (Or PDF versions if you’d prefer.)
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– Can I buy a new subscription after mine has expired, using my old user info?
– Yes, you can! Welcome back!
If you finnished your latest subscription before the end of August 2023, that means your info is not in the system anymore. Just choose a username and email as if you are a new subscriber.

If you had an active subscription in the end of August 2023 or later, just use your old login information to log in, go to “Your membership” on the menu at the top of the page, choose your new subscription plan and update your form of payment if necessary. (See image at the bottom of this page, if you can’t find your membership settings.)
Note: If you have lost your password, you can always reset it on the login page.

– I have bought a 1 month subscription. What happens when the subscription ends?
– You will recieve an email a few days before the subscription ends, reminding you to buy a new subscription if you wish to stay at Fiddle Academy. If you don’t wish to buy a new subscription, you can simply enjoy the material until your last day. There is no automatic update of the 1 month subscription. You can always come back later and buy a new subscription using your old user info! (Read more in the question above this one.)

– I have bought a 6 or 12 month subscription. What happens when the subscription ends?
– The 6 or 12 month subscriptions will be renewed automatically, without you having to do anything at all. When the time for renewal comes closer, you will get an email reminding you that the payment for next subscription period will be withdrawn from your account (the same one as you used when signing up). The automatic payments and can be cancelled very easily in your user settings, if you wish to cancel the next subscription period. (Read more under the next question.)

– Can I stop recurring payments (automatic renewal) for my 6 or 12 month subscription?
– Yes, of course!  You can cancel them in your user settings, which will make your subscription end on the last day of your current subscription period. Go to “Your membership” on the menu at the top of the page, see under “Actions”. There’s a button called “Cancel membership”. If you click on it, that means your subscription will end on the last day of your current subscription. (See images at the bottom of his page.)

– Can I upgrade my shorter subscription to a longer one, even though I have time left on it?
– Yay, with pleasure! We’re thrilled that you want to stay longer! It can be arranged in the user settings. You will pay the difference between the time remaining on your current subscription and the time added with the new one. See images at the bottom of this page, showing where to find the settings.

– I’ve forgotten my user name and password, and the reset doesn’t work. Can you help me?
– Yes, of course! Send an email and write what you remember from your user info. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

– I bought a subscription today, but I still can’t log in! What could be wrong?
Did you write your user name and password with upper and lower case letters in the same place as you did when you signed up? (The system is sensitive to “big” and “small” letters.)
If you are still having problems, send me and email and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

– I want to play some tunes or exercises from this website with my friends/students. Can I?
– Yes, you can! Be sure to always give proper information on who has written the tunes, arrangements or exercises if using them. You are also allowed to share (but not publish or distribute in any way) a few PDFs and sheet music. You may not share any of the videos. The videos and audio files are only for Fiddle Academy-subscribers.
Read more about Terms and Conditions.

This is how you find “Your membership” settings:

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Buy new subscriptions or cancel your membership under “Your membership”:

How to cancel your membership and stop the recurring payments: