Menuett efter Mattis Kollberg

Key: D (But G is the "orginal" key.)
Tuning: ADAE (DADAE) if played in D.

Mattis Kollberg was born in 1782 in Barkåkra, but lived most of his life in Skepparkroken, Skåne. 

If playing for dancing, some dancers might react to the fact that the B part is not 8 bars, like some want it. It is even enough for the dance to work though, with its 12 bars in the B part.

This tune is most often played in G, so I've added sheet music for both keys. I just love playing it in D with a lot of double strings, so that's how I recorded it. It is also perfect for viola if played in D, so I added sheet music for that.

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Two voices. 
PDF with sheet music in D (violin + five string violin)
PDF with sheet music for viola in D.
PDF with sheet music in G.


Slow melody.