Polska efter Magnus Olsson - Play along

Key: D 
Tuning: GDAE (CGDAE)

One of my favorite Polskas from my home town, Arvika, in the west part of Värmland. 

Learn the melody and the second voice here.

I've tried to avoid improvising this time, playing the arrangement I've written, so that you can play along. 

Intro one A part with only voice 3 and 4.

AA Mel + voice 3 and 4

AA Mel + voice 2 and 4

AA Mel + voice 2 and 4
B1 Mel + voice 2 and rhythmisized drone on D
B2 Mel + voice 2, 3 and 4 Crescendo!

A Tutti

These are some of the technical exercises avaliable at Fiddle Academy, which can help you with this tune:
- Emphases
- Ornaments
- Intonation & Double string playing

All voices.
PDF with sheet music of the arrangement.

Without melody.

Without middle voices.

Without bass voice.