Skrap Ollas polska efter Glysen

Key: D

A Polska I've played since I was a child, so I don't remember who taught it to me in the first place. (Could it have been Anders Norudde?) It is one of my all time favourites! I never get tired of it. Glysen was a vagabond who was moving around a great deal, so to determine "where this tune is from" (which is never as true as we sometimes pretend anyway) is difficult. His tunes have been transcribed in Värmland, Närke and Västmanland. Maybe more places. I don't know. It seems as if he composed many tunes himself, but I don't know if he made this one. It is a variant of a well known musical theme, sister to a Swedish christmas tune called "Klang min vackra bjällra" amongst others.

This tune can be played as a Slängpolska or as a 16th Note Polska with heavy one and three. I usually play it as a Slängpolska. 

The tutorial is "cut out" from a workshop at an online festival, so I may sometimes refer to things having to do with that. :-)

At Fiddle Academy, if you have a subscription, you also get films with technical exercises and suggestions to which ones are particularly good for each tune.

These technical exercises can help you with this tune:
Double string playing

Some of the comments in the films may be meant for people with subscriptions, who have access to all films at Fiddle Academy.

How I usually play it.
PDF with sheet music.

Tutorial (Long version from an online festival workshop.)

Slow + fast.

Second voice.