These films are available without a subscription

At Fiddle Academy, there are over 80 tunes to learn, and the list continues to grow. Here are some films which are free for everyone to see. If you really enjoy them, you can, if you want, buy a 1 month subscription for €20 to learn some more, or just to support the academy. You are also welcome to join us for one of the longer subscriptions of course, or simply enjoy the films without any obligations!

Here are the different subscription plans.

IMPORTANT: You are allowed to use these films and the PDFs of the sheet music, but they may under no circumstances be printed (except for personal use), distributed or recorded without permission from Mia Marine.

1. Sniderier web

Tunes to learn
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Skrap Ollas Polska efter Glysen

Polska efter Magnus Olsson – Learn the tune

Polska efter Magnus Olsson – Play Along version

Tiden by Mia Marine

Menuett efter Mattis Kollberg

Farängladagen by Mia Marine

Concept lessons
You can find a whole bunch of them, on different topics, at Fiddle Academy. Here is one you can try for free. It is a lesson about improvising accompaniment, for people who are beginners at improvisation.

Concept lesson #2: Harmonic improvisation/Improvised accompaniment