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Mia’s Groovy Fiddle Academy is a fun and beautifully focused study tool.

It took me a while to dig in, but now that I have, I am finding so much vital stuff to instruct me and to enjoy! Thank you so much for the extremely clear and pleasant teaching. Having all these materials in one place with information about how they connect or contrast, and the word of a real Scandinavian expert, is well worth the cost of a membership. I enjoy being able to work at my own pace and following my own interests each day, and revisit the same lesson if necessary, without feeling “on the spot” in front of a teacher or other students. No Zoom workshop can deliver that!

You’ve almost made me glad for Coronavirus lockdown! (...and that’s very high praise indeed.)

Groovy Fiddle Academy is like “Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Scandinavian Fiddling...But were Afraid To Ask” (with a nod to Woody Allen). 
I wish I had had your fiddle academy available in Fall 2017 when I first decided to play Scandinavian would have been the most tremendous help.
- Lise Nau, Violinist/Fiddler, USA

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Mia's Groovy Fiddle Academy is the best thing that happened to Swedish folkmusic since polska came to Sweden.
It's like having Mia in my own livingroom. She'll teach me new music, how to hold my bow and how to stay ergonomic. Whenever I want to. She is a super pedagogue in a class of her own! 
- Kristine, Sweden

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This is the best platform for learning that I have ever seen!
I joined to learn some tunes, but I’m staying for the material helping me to structure my practice process. SUPER! PDFs with all kinds of helpful tips and suggestions for me to add when I feel ready. It feels as if I can stay here for years, and the material will grow as I do. I also love the fact that I can wish for specific tunes or exercises in the fiddler’s forum.
- Sarah, France

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When I discovered Mia's Groovy Fiddle Academy thanks to a friend who recommended it to me, I was very happy. I had already heard several people say that Mia is a great teacher, and now I can see it with my own eyes!

What I think makes Mia's Groovy Fiddle Academy absolutely unique is the wide range of aspects that she develops in her videos and documents. It covers everything that I would want to learn about playing music: technical exercises for the fiddle, how to make my music interesting, how to start/sustain/adapt my learning process, how to play for dancing, even how to create second voices and how to improvise.

Another thing that I find important is the opportunity to share and discuss things about Scandinavian music or fiddle playing. The forum and, most of all, the monthly Zoom meetings, where we have the opportunity to share a video of ourselves playing and get valuable feedback from all the participants, are a huge source of joy for me. I was longing for a space where I could find very precise nerdy information and people who enjoy it, so I am very pleased:-)

I think that learning how to play the fiddle is not just about learning new tunes, and I have been disappointed sometimes in workshops where the teacher only taught us a melody. This is definitely not going to happen if you join Mia's Groovy Fiddle Academy. Prepare to be amazed and challenged in your playing!
- Rébecca, independent French teacher and fiddle enthusiast, 29, Switzerland

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I’ve had the chance to participate in workshops and lessons with Mia for many years. Among all the teachers I’ve had, she is my absolute favourite! I’ve never met a teacher as organised, passionate and enthusiastic as Mia. 

Since I’m living in Belgium and there are some borders to cross it’s not easy having lessons or workshops with Mia. Especially in these corona-times when travelling isn’t self-evident and many cultural events are cancelled. This “Groovy Fiddle Academy” came as a gift of God to me!

As a regular student on this online academy I can guarantee that ALL of your questions about you and your violin in Swedish folkmusic will be answered, either by the clear and detailed videos or on the Zoom-meetings once a month or on the “Fiddlers Society” button.

It doesn’t matter if Mia teaches 30 students at the same time or just in front of a camera and her dog, you won't see any difference! 

I hope to see you soon at this corona-proof Academy!
- Femke, Belgium

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